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About Us

About the Company

Elucido Media Networks is a high technology company offering a platform solution for Education Institutions and Enterprises.

Our solution is applicable in teaching and learning environments, wherever content delivery and simple to advanced levels of interaction, collaboration and assessment are required between teachers, students and other participants.

We help Education Institutes and Enterprises improve student learning and enhance teacher productivity while preserving all key aspects of teaching and learning best practices.

About the Blog

The blog was started in the endeavor to keep our clients, customers, partners, employees and anyone who is interested in education technology informed about what is going on at Elucido. What our latest product releases are or even what we want to share regarding significant events that are taking place or literature that has been published about technology in education.

There are 3 main pages, one that is ‘About Us’ which is pretty self explanatory. The ‘ELCS Solution Overview’ page is a detailed overview of our ELCS solution and how it works. The third page’ ‘Product Releases’ will have announcements and information on the latest releases and versions of our product.

We currently have 3 Categories into which all of the posts that are uploaded onto the blog are divided.

‘Opinions & Surveys’ will have posts and opinion pieces by experts in the field of either education or technology. There will also be surveys and their results, both internal and external, that are aimed at determining how to enhance the quality of education delivered and received, across the world, by the use of technology.

‘Industry Insight’ will be the category under which links to articles related to the latest happening in education technology will be posted.

‘Technology’ will be all about the latest developments form our own tech department and everything that goes into building our product.

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