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Optimizing Teacher Training Using Technology

May 16, 2012

By Elucido


Teachers are always faced with the challenge of teaching and mentoring students at different academic and skill levels. Research has shown that the most important factor influencing student success, is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher. So it is important to ensure that teachers are trained frequently and appropriately with the objective of providing students with the best possible learning environments.

Teacher Training Pain Points

To begin with, teachers whether experienced or new are the most important resources in an academic institution and their time has to be optimized. Following are some of the main pain points of conventional training programs:

  • All teacher training programs require the teacher to attend training sessions outside the institution. This could be an expensive  process as it requires travel and stay
  • Students are disadvantaged because regular classes may get disrupted while teachers are being trained
  • Once the teacher resumes classes after training, effectiveness or improvements cannot be monitored or measured
  • Formal training programs are usually time bound and rigidly structured. To optimize the teacher’s time, more frequent, shorter on-demand interactive training programs may be more effective. This will require training to be delivered directly to the teacher while at the institution

The Elucido Solution for enabling effective teacher training

The Elucido Learning & Collaboration System (ELCS) provides an environment for collaboration across multiple classrooms over the Internet. In this connected environment, a single expert can train teachers located in geographically distributed institutions.

The solution also supports on-the-job training where the remote expert can instruct, help and monitor the teacher while the teacher is in the classroom, teaching students.

Additionally, expert teachers can deliver training sessions to teachers directly to their homes, from remote locations using laptops or tablets with all audio, video and content based interaction features enabled.

Main Benefits

  • Teachers can be trained directly at the institution. Teachers do not have to travel. The institution can realize significant savings on travel / stay budgets
  • Training frequency can be increased, improving the overall quality of the teaching staff at the institute
  • Post training, teachers can opt-in to be monitored by the expert teacher while teaching students in classrooms. Subsequently, additional training sessions can be planned if required
  • Trainee teachers can play back video recordings of all teaching / training sessions for later self-evaluation and improvement

ELCS Architecture

ELCS  Architecture

Quality education starts with well trained and motivated teachers. But these teachers, like students require support and encouragement to be able to do their difficult job well.

Improving teaching quality is simply the most effective measure education institutions can take to enhance student learning.


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