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Digital Classrooms: Is The Investment Paying Off?

January 5, 2012

Excerpt from the article (By Chuck Dietrich, CEO SlideRocket on Forbes.Com):

There is a raging debate about the effectiveness of the ‘digital classroom’ – with arguments solely focused on the $31.2 billion education technology market and whether the investment is delivering a return to cash-strapped school districts.

In the heated discussion over education technology, we are missing out on a crucial component of education – the ethos of how to work together. Collaborative technology is a valuable aid in teaching students to engage in meaningful discussion, take responsibility for their own learning and become critical thinkers in a rapidly-shifting world – skills necessary for success in the 21st century workforce.

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One Comment
  1. Yes… Digital Classrooms are worth every penny spent. Technology in education helps student think out of the box.. They become more prepared to face Corporate challenges

    Its a huge sea of knowledge. It gives them the liberty to challenge & question what currently is and come up with an alternate solutions and strategies much more easily.

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