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Integration of Pedagogy and Technology in Teacher Education: An Interview with Emily Hixon

December 27, 2011

Excerpt from the interview (By Lynn Zimmerman – Editor, Teacher Education):

For a number of years, our undergraduate teacher education program at Purdue University Calumet offered an educational technology course, early in the program sequence, which taught technology skills in isolation. That is to say, students were taught how to use certain technology tools that would be useful for them as teachers, but the projects they designed were for an “imaginary” audience of students that they would teach at some point in the future.

Over time, this course morphed from teaching computer basics, such as the Office Suite, to using technology and programs designed specifically for teachers, such as Kidspiration and Web Quests. As technology has evolved, so have the ideas for how to implement them in the classroom at the K-12 as well as the university levels.

Research on educational technology design has shown that to be most effective the integration of pedagogy and technology must reflect integrated goals.

Read the whole interview at:

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