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White Paper: The Future of Learning & Development

December 23, 2011

Trends, Topics & Tools to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Excerpt from the white paper (By FutureThink, a leading innovation research and training firm):

How are the world’s leading organizations developing their people and honing employees’ skills? What is the role of the Learning & Development function today and how will that change in the future? futurethink asked today’s leading thinkers in the area of Learning & Development to share perspectives on where things stand today — and where they are going in the future. The findings may surprise you.

To garner insights, we designed a 30-question survey and reached out to professionals at some of the most innovative firms. In this white paper, we have organized the survey findings to help you see the trends through two lenses: TODAY and TOMORROW. This approach will allow you to measure your own organization against the appropriate benchmarks. How do your efforts rank in comparison to the leaders in the industry?

Highlights of the study:

74% see the influence of L&D expanding in the immediate future (0-2 years)

Almost 50% believe their training offerings will grow in the next two years

Online learning is set to take center stage, with eLearning (62% will offer it), collaborative training (62%) and webinars (55%) being the formats identified as necessary for success

85% agreed/strongly agreed that the majority of learning will be collaborative going forward

100% agreed/strongly agreed that learning in the future will be done in short time-frames, using ‘micro modules’ to provide more focused learning and achieve better results

Download the free whitepaper at:


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