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Survey: Delivering Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

December 23, 2011

Excerpts from the survey results:

(Published by  TrainingIndustry Inc;  Survey conducted by General Physics Corporation (GP), a global training, consulting and engineering company)

Virtual instructor-led training, or VILT*, is quickly growing in popularity and use. The vast majority of respondents are increasing their use of VILT, and 33% or more are increasing their number of VILT courses by over 25%. However, 80% of respondents who use VILT did not think their companies are “very effective” at it. Their top two reasons are 1) difficulty engaging learners and 2) not fully using VILT tool functionalities.

The study of 114 learning professionals estimates that companies use VILT in 27% of their courses. VILT courses are typically delivered with class sizes of 20 or less, with most respondents offering VILT courses for both customer/product training and professionaldevelopment.

To understand what may influence effective VILT use, study participants were divided into three groups by their effectiveness in using VILT. The “very effective” group uses more quizzes during VILT and chats and forums after VILT to engage their participants. They also tend to use more centralized support teams and leverage the experience of external providers more.

Key Findings

On average, 27% of respondents’ courses are delivered using VILT, with about half using it as part of a blended solution with other delivery methods.

The vast majority of companies are growing their use of VILT. The most common growth rate was over 25%. Thirty-three percent say their VILT courses grew by this much in 2009 and 37% expect this growth rate to continue in 2010.

Only 20% of survey participants consider their companies to be “very effective” at using VILT.

Engaging learners is a major challenge for VILT instructors. It is the greatest perceived limitation of VILT and the most often-cited difficulty among respondents who view their companies as not “very effective” at using VILT.

Companies most often use VILT to reduce travel costs and extend training to more people (in more locations).

Engagement tools are used more frequently during the VILT session than after the event.

The “very effective” group uses more tools overall, including quizzes during VILT and chat and forums after.

More of those in the “very effective” group use external providers and handle VILT functions through a central group.

VILT is most commonly used for customers, professionals and sales staff.

Most companies’ average VILT class size is 20 learners or less.

Note: For this study, VILT is defined as live or synchronous training in which instructors deliver courses through web, video and/or teleconferencing to remote attendees.

Download the entire Survey Results paper free at:


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