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Blended Learning Explained

December 22, 2011

About the Video:

Interview by Ken Pyle, ViodiTV, SFO

In its simplest form, it [blended learning] is the combination of face-to-face instruction and online or digital tools, explains Lisa Gillis of Integrated Educational Strategies at the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s 2012 National Summit. It is about having individualized learning plans, as well as personal touch of a teacher. Blended learning provides teachers with a tool to provide immediate feedback and understand where students need assistance.

Gillis, who is a recognized leader in the field of digital learning, talks about the critical nature of broadband to enable blended learning and to extend the classroom beyond the walls of the traditional physical building. Gillis, a former teacher, administrator and consultant for various start-up schools, will be sharing her insight at the Media Innovation Summit.

Watch the video interview at:

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