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Introducing the Thinking Classroom

December 19, 2011

Excerpt from the article:

The Thinking Classroom, is all about the teaching of thinking. It is a place where critical and creative thinking count! The Thinking Classroom holds that the quality of students’ learning depends on how well students think about their work. For instance, students who consistently tend to connect ideas to things they know about, seek hidden explanations, or think about the strengths and weaknesses in their thinking will develop deeper understandings of subjects across the curriculum than those students who don’t. Thus, the Thinking Classroom is committed to the following beliefs:

Learning is a consequence of good thinking

Good thinking is learn-able by all students

Learning should include deep understanding, which involves the flexible active use of knowledge

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  1. Sounds like an interesting atrticle. Thank you!

  2. Great post! I could not agree more that “Good thinking is learn-able by all students.” What is unique about this statement is that it does not say “Good thinking is teachable by all teachers.” This distinction has seismic repercussions in the world of education. It is widely accepted that the quality of a teacher has a huge impact on the material learned by a student.

    If we need quality teachers, what do we look for? The ability to teach someone HOW to think, rather then WHAT to think is so powerful that it can not be measured. Most teachers drown students in knowledge they will forget once they regurgitate it on the test. It takes a special person to teach the skill of thinking and then allow a student to expand and grow in their own way. We need more thinking teachers so we can get more students learning.

    “Learning is a consequence of good thinking”

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